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Wildcard Tiers

Effective after the Alpha Impact IDO
To increase accessibility to IDOs the Wildcard Bracket tiers will be updated with a dual slider mechanism where CARDS community members are able to control the odds of participating in proportion to their allocation size.
Wildcard restructure details: CardStarter Tiers Reshuffled — V4
To increase accessibility to IDOs, we replaced the Deuces tier with 3 new Wildcard tiers. The Wildcard tiers are all lottery-based with varied probability/pool weight. You can participate in the Wildcard tiers with as little as 100 CARDS tokens!


  • Card Requirements - Stake 100 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Lottery: 25% chance of winning
  • Pool Weight - 2x IDO allocation


  • Card Requirements - Stake 500 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Lottery: 25% chance of winning
  • Pool Weight - 2x IDO allocation


  • Card Requirements - Stake 1000 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Lottery: 50% chance of winning
  • Pool Weight - 2x IDO allocation

Face Card Tiers

We wanted to acknowledge and reward CardStarter early supporters who believe in the long-term vision and economic health of the project by expanding the upper end of our tiers. The new Kings of Clubs and Aces tiers provide an incentive for larger CARDS holders to stay in our ecosystem.


  • Card Requirements - Stake 1500 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Guaranteed
  • Pool Weight - 2x IDO allocation


  • Card Requirements - Stake 4500 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Guaranteed
  • Pool Weight - 6x IDO allocation


  • Card Requirements - Stake 9000 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Guaranteed
  • Pool Weight - 12x IDO allocation

King of Clubs

  • Card Requirements - Stake 10060 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Guaranteed
  • Pool Weight - 22x IDO allocation


  • Card Requirements - Stake 20000 $.CARDS
  • Allocation - Guaranteed
  • Pool Weight - 28x IDO allocation
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