CardStarter will NEVER ask you for your password, wallet seed phrase, or private key. Do not give this information away, for any reason.

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  • Residents of Iran, Korea (North), Syrian Arab Republic, Cuba, Crimea region of Ukraine, United States, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico are prohibited from participating in IDOs.
  • Previous KYCs with Fractal do not apply to CardStarter IDOs.

KYC Partner - CardStarter has integrated Fractal’s user-centric Know Your Customer (KYC) platform. By partnering with Fractal, CARDS holders participants will only need to KYC once to particpate in all future CardStarter IDOs.

KYC Registration Steps

Please use the same wallet for KYC, Staking and Registration as the wallet address will be whitelisted for the IDO.

Step 1 - Start the registration process

For NON-US Participants

Here is the KYC link for all CardStarter IDO participants who reside OUTSIDE of the United States.

For Accredited US Investors

Here is the KYC link for all CardStarter IDO participants who reside WITHIN the United States, AND meet accredited investor criteria.

Step 2 - Enter your email address or phone to sign up

Click on the "Sign in to Fractal ID" to continue the KYC process.

Step 4 - Agree to app policies

Step 5 - Give permission to access your information

This is the US Accredited investor view, the non-US view will vary slightly with less requirements listed.

Step 6 - Submit your information via the app

For faster processing, submit pdf versions of your documents.

Step 7 - Verify KYC Completion

After KYC has been successfully approved, your dashboard will display a message similar to the one shown below with the CardStarter logo and a green checkmark.
This is a US accredited investor screen shot. If you are non-US you will have less requirements listed. The important thing to note is the CardStarter logo and the green check mark..


  • If I completed KYC for a previous IDO, do I need to repeat it?
    • KYC only has to be completed once. If you have been verified once for a previous IDO and have not changed any details (residence, ID, wallet address), there is no need to complete KYC again.
  • After completing KYC with Fractal, why am I redirected to the Cardstarter home page?
    • The link is for individuals who have not started the KYC process. If you have, please visit
  • My KYC application was rejected or is pending. Who can I contact?
    • If your KYC application was rejected or pending after a prolonged period (i.e. more than 24 hours), consider contacting an admin on Fractal's Telegram channel, linked here. Post on the chat that you need help and an admin should reach out to you. Please do not entertain any impersonators who DM you first. Fractal admins will explicitly tell you to DM them.
      Here are Fractal Protocol community managers and admins: @annafractal @dianafractal @LucarioGuy15 @marjorieninno @rorepme_nogard @sumeetgawai @vivianefractal

Fractal KYC Help

The best way to get support is directly from a Fractal Protocol Telegram Channel administrator or manager. Visit the Fractal Protocol Telegram Channel and contact an admin for assistance.
It's best to avoid posting your issue in the public chat. Instead, find an administrator that is online, send them a DM with your issue. Then, tag them (@ADMIN_NAME) in the public chat and mention that you have sent them a DM.

Fractal Protocol Telegram Channel Admins

WARNING: Telegram is full of scammers. Channel admins will NEVER send you a DM first. Ignore, report, and block all user messaging your claiming to be an admin.