IDO Registration

CardStarter will NEVER ask you for your password, wallet seed phrase, or private key. Do not give this information away, for any reason.

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  • IDOs will have a 72 hour registration window
  • Upon completing the registration process, an account will be locked and only unlocked 7 days after the end of the whitelist sale.
  • Any additional $CARDS staked during this period cannot be unstaked until the account is unlocked.
  • The lock period applies to all accounts that have registered, including those who have not been selected in the lottery.

IDO Registration Steps

Step 1 - Select an IDO

As projects are ready to launch, they will migrate from the Upcoming IDOs section to the Live IDOs section. Click on the IDO to be directed to the registration page.
Choose a Live IDO

Step 2 - Register

Once on the registration page, click on "Register" and confirm the transaction on your wallet. When the transaction is complete, the page should auto-refresh and the" "Register" button should now display "Registered". If this does not happen, please refresh the page manually.
Click 'Register'

Step 3 - Verify Registration

Once the registration transaction has been successful executed you should be able to refresh the registration page and see the register button has been updated from "Register" to "Registered".