Getting Started

This documentation is meant to guide you through the CardStarter IDO process.

CardStarter will NEVER ask you for your password, wallet seed phrase, or private key. Do not give this information away, for any reason.

What is an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO)?

Initial Decentralized Offerings, or IDOs, are events where a project launches a token/coin that represents any type of asset on a decentralized liquidity exchange.

Useful Resources

IDO Participation Overview


  • Registered accounts are locked for 7 days after whitelist sale. During this period, any additional $CARDS tokens staked cannot be unstaked. This includes lottery participants who were not selected in the draws.

  • The Staking and Registration steps require Ethereum gas (gwei). Please refer to the link above for current gas prices and use an adequate amount to avoid delays.

  • Please use the same wallet address for KYC, Staking, and Registration.


  • KYC is on a per-project basis. Please check the individual project miniguide for individual project KYC requirements.

  • Users who intend to participate in IDOs are required to complete the KYC process with Fractal.

  • Participants are encouraged to start the KYC process at the earliest convenience.

  • A 24-hour grace period is given to participants to complete the KYC process after the registration window closes.

CardStarter Tier System

  • Wild Card Tiers: 100 to 1000 $CARDS (Lottery Based Tiers with Guaranteed Allocations)

  • Face Card Tiers: 1500 to 21000 $CARDS( Guaranteed Allocation)

  • Review the latest CardStarter tier system here.

Stake $CARDS Tokens

  • To qualify for a tier, participants are required to stake their $CARDS tokens via prior to registering for an IDO.


  • A minimum of 100 $CARDS tokens will be required for IDO participation. Staking a lesser amount will not qualify users for any tiers.

IDO Registration

  • To register for an Upcoming IDO, navigate to

  • Upcoming projects will be displayed in the Upcoming IDOs section as they are released. At this stage, registration will remain CLOSED.

  • When the registration window opens, the project will migrate to the Live IDOs section.

IDO Event

Whitelist Sale

  • Every IDO will have a 24-hour whitelist sale

  • All participants including selected lottery participants will have guaranteed allocations.

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