CardStarter employs a simple staking protocol for our community to validate their tier requirements and participate in our accelerator partners’ IDO’s.
CardStarter will NEVER ask you for your password, wallet seed phrase, or private key. Do not give this information away, for any reason.

Useful Resources

Staking Steps

Step 1 - Connect Your Ethereum Wallet

Connect to our Staking Platform with your web based Ethereum wallet that contains your $CARDS.

Step 2 - Approve the Smart Contract Interaction

Click the blue "Approve" button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Step 3 - Stake Your CARDS

Once Approve transaction is complete, the blue button should display Stake. Enter the number of $CARDS you wish to stake according to the tier you wish to qualify for in WHOLE numbers (ie., 100 instead of 100.6565321548). Click Stake and approve the transaction on your wallet.

Step 4 - Confirm Your Staking and Tier

Once the staking transaction is complete, the platform will display the number of $CARDS you have staked, a balance, and the tier you are eligible for.

Staking Complete


Registered accounts are locked for 7 days after whitelist sale. During this period, any additional $CARDS tokens staked cannot be unstaked. The lock period also applies to lottery participants who were not selected in the draws.

Staking FAQ

  • Do I need to unstake/restake for each IDO?
    • No. You are eligible for any IDOs as long as your $CARDS remain staked. The amount staked will be matched to the current tier system.
  • Can I unstake after each IDO?
    • Your $CARDS will be locked upon registration and cannot be unstaked for 7 days after the end of the whitelist sale (IDO).
  • Do I have to stake my $CARDS for 7 days to qualify for IDO?
    • No, Cardstarter does not implement a pre-IDO staking policy.
  • I have registered for an upcoming IDO with a certain amount of $CARDS already staked. If I purchase more $CARDS and stake them after registering, will my tier be upgraded?
    • Registration takes an on chain snap transaction to determine tier. As such, if registration has already taken place, added $CARDS will not be applied to change your tier for the IDO you intend to partake in. However, they can be added to an existing stake pool to upgrade your tier for future IDOs.
  • For IDO registration purposes, is there any benefit to staking an amount slightly over the tier requirement? (e.g. 1502 $CARDS for JACKS).
    • No, any amount between the predetermined number of $CARDS in the tier system will be rounded down. So, 1500 to 4499 $CARDS will only qualify you for the JACKS tier.
  • I have staked X number of Cards, yet the CardStarter app shows 0 cards staked. Why?
    • The staking process involves multiple steps including an approval transaction and staking transaction. See steps 1 - 4 above.