IDO Participation

CardStarter IDOs consist of two events: Whitelist Sale and First Come First Serve Sale
CardStarter will NEVER ask you for your password, wallet seed phrase, or private key. Do not give this information away, for any reason.

Useful Resources


  • Allocations will be funded with ETH
  • All allocations at whitelist sale are guaranteed.
  • Whitelist sale will be open for 24 hours

Whitelist Sale

When the countdown timer reaches zero on the registration page, reload the page. You should now see a blue "Buy" button. Click on the button and approve the transaction on your wallet. Once the transaction is complete, you have purchased your allocation.
In order to participate in an IDO event, you must have successfully registered during the registration window and have KYC verified by Fractal.
Once the IDO event starts the whitelist sale will last for 24 hours. You will be able to purchase your reserved amount using ETH at any time during the event window. Any reserved tokens not purchased during the IDO event will become avaliable in the FCFS sale.


Step 1 - Start

Please note that there is no need to rush the buying process as allocations are guaranteed for whitelisted participants if purchased within the 24 hour purchase window.
Go to and click 'Go to App'.

Step 2 - Connect your wallet

Always verify that you are connecting to a trusted URL before connecting your wallet. CardStarter will NEVER ask you for your password, wallet seed phrase, or private key.

Step 3 - Select the IDO event

Click on the IDO item in the Live IDOs section.

Step 4 - Purchase your allocated IDO tokens.

You must have enough ETH in your wallet to purchase your IDO token allocation as well as cover the ETH gas fees for the transaction.
Select the 'Max' allocation and click 'Buy'
Confirm the transation

Step 5 - Verify your IDO token purchase

Click on the item to view the transaction details
Get more detailed transaction details.
Click the Etherscan link to veiw more transaction details
Verify that your IDO purchase is complete on the Etherscan details page.